Great Food Made for Delivery
What We Do Is Simple: We Make Restaurant-Quality Food Designed To Travel
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Can't find something in The Kitchen? We still deliver some of the best Victoria has to offer.
Convenience shouldn’t compromise quality.
Our team of professional chefs have created a menu that is diverse, ethical and appealing to just about every taste. We focus on healthy ingredients found seasonally and locally, warm comfort foods, and hearty flavours that travel well – so you can focus on doing whatever it is you’re doing while we cook, pack and deliver directly to you.
The Kitchen by Accio is a shared space, operated by select chefs who have collaboratively created meals that travel well in environmentally positive packaging. Our four chefs have decades of combined experience and understand the high standard that diners in our region have come to expect – quality that is delivered to you.

Focused on fresh ingredients and tastes, our menu evolves with changes in the season. We always have favourite mainstay meals, but keep things interesting with creative and delicious new items all the time.
We have been delivering food from restaurants in and around Victoria to happy customers since 2015. Unfortunately, most restaurant food isn’t made to travel. So we thought, “Why not develop a menu specifically designed to be delivered?”

The Kitchen by Accio is our way of stepping up the home delivery game while maintaining the high standard of food quality that you deserve.
Our Chefs and Restaurants


Head Chef: Sandi Irving
Sandi has honed her skills up and down the wild west coast. She spent the last 7 years as the executive chef of Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort, located in a remote region of the Great Bear Rainforest. Now her food is available right to your door. It is light, healthful, and French-inspired fare, meaning you can treat yourself while treating yourself right.


Head Chef: Jamie Cummins
Jamie needs little introduction in Victoria. After making the rounds in the local restaurant scene, he opened Relish to rave reviews. Now he's bringing his Asian-inspired comfort food to our team, and man, are we glad to have him.


Head Chef: Brian Kremer
Brian's burgers will blow your brain. After moving to Victoria, Brian landed at Brasserie L'Ecole, before moving over to Part and Parcel. His cooking is absolutely delicious, yet totally unpretentious - exactly as a burger should be. Now he has set his mind to building burgers for all, whether committed carnivores or virtuous vegans.


Head Chef: Duncan Booth
Duncan may not hail from out west, but he's an enthusiastic transplant. Before putting down roots on the Island, he traveled far and wide, refining his culinary repertoire all the while. Combining classic Italian flavours with a modern sensibility, Duncan's offerings are perfect for both everyday eating and special occasions.
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